24 Hour Fellowship Title

The 24 Hour Fellowship was founded in 1960 to promote the cycle sport of 24 hour time trials, and is open to anyone with an interest in riding or helping in these events.

The Fellowship operates two long distance time trialling competitions. These are for anyone who completes one 100 mile, 12 hour and a 24 hour CTT recognised event. There is one based purely on average speed and the other is for Veteran's and uses the VTTA standards to calculate the best plus mph for the three distances.

The Fellowship also produces a journal twice a year containing articles, competitions, photographs, race reports and many other items of interest to long-distance cyclists. The annual subscription rates are:

- Individual £10-00
- Family £12-00
- Senior Citizen £10-00

Subs can also be commuted for up to 5 years. More details on the Join page

The Mersey Roads have their own Facebook page for their 24 Hour.

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